couple holding hands at wildflower field in dallas fortworth at a spring family portrait session

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by Rafaela Mahan

February 16, 2024

If you love flowers as much as I do.. HI! YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! 🤗 and you are in the right place…

I have always loved integrating florals in one way or another into my sessions (any chance the crazy Texas weather lets me). Truly, if I could have flowers in all my work year round I totally would. Unfortunately, as you know, here in Texas we have to survive a few months of just deadness… no grass, no leaves on the trees, and of course, no flowers. 😩

BUT NOT TO WORRY, because flower season is not too far away now! I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am counting down the days to the first set of sessions at some of my favorite flower locations.

Today I want to share a few of my favorite locations to take my portrait clients for their Spring Sessions in the DFW area:

Crowley Park – Richardson, Tx.

family holding hands walking through the field of wildflowers at crowley park in richardson

The gorgeous wildflower field above is located in Richardson and is definitely a favorite wildflower spot and very popular for a reason! Unfortunately, this also means that it can get a bit crowded (and stay crowded🥴) so, if you absolutely love this spot, the secret is to start the session as the sun rises to beat the rush and get a better chance at having a little more privacy and space during your session. But definitely super worth it!

The Dallas Arboretum

Mother and baby son holding hands playfully during a spring portrait session at the dallas arboretum surrounded by white flowers wearing a light pink dress

The Dallas Arboretum is always a beautiful choice since they take such good care of it year round. I am always happy to go walk around with my clients and capture some beautiful moments with such a stunning background. You really cannot go wrong, there is so much scenery there ESPECIALLY during the Spring. I would suggest if you are wanting flowers to book about Mid-March through end of May, depending on the Texas heat each year.

Arbor Hills – Plano, Tx.

Last but not least, another favorite of mine is this little spot in Plano. This is a much more understated way of adding a pop of Spring color to the session. The yellow flowers are so delicate and make it feel just so ethereal when mixed with the fluffy tall fresh grass and the golden sun rays as the sun sets behind the trees. It truly feels magical when that Spring sunset breeze starts during the session. This is another one of those locations that are beautiful year round as the seasons change, but if you want that fluffy grass-Spring vibe, I definitely recommend to book your session for the month of April.

mother embracing baby at arbor hills nature reserve in plano, texas surrounded by delicate yellow flowers

And that is it for my top 3 favorite wildflower locations for your portrait session this Spring!

Of course I am always finding new little gems that I love to share with my clients as I find them, so definitely check with me once you book if you want to look at some other options for a beautiful Spring session.

Make sure to fill out an inquiry form or email me at if you are ready to reserve your own family’s Wildflower portrait session this Spring! I cannot wait to hear from you and start planning away. 🥰

Xo, Raffi Mahan.

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